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What?s going on at the Post Office?

Natasha Skinner

What is normal to postal employees would appear abnormal to those who do not provide postal services and work in a Post Office. So it is incumbent upon the postal service to ensure that customers have knowledge of who postal workers are and what their duties entail. Postal workers deliver mail pieces in proper mail items by the correct mail class, process, and scan mail pieces, and provide other postal duties via customer service. These services are delivered daily and much work goes into providing them to our customers. Postal employees must bear in mind that it is normal that customers are not aware of the responsibilities postal-wise in a postal environment and can therefore misunderstand post ness and as a result arrive at their own conclusions which may appear unfavorable in nature. But customers are simply asking, what is going on at the Post Office?

Approach:This paper will draw on primary sources to express through interviews from seasoned and current postal employees in various positions with a variety of postal duties and discuss what they have to say about customers’ views, how they deal with them, and what their postal duties entail.

Findings:People will have their views regarding postal workers as with anything in life. But postal employees will always perform their postal duties by providing the best customer service possible and be sure to properly and patiently in the usual postal way explain to customers the best postal methods to mail their variety of mail pieces.