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ஜர்னல் ஆஃப் மைக்ரோபயாலஜி மற்றும் இம்யூனாலஜி


How to Treat Acute Respiratory Tract Infections without Using Antibiotics?

Huang Wei Ling

Introduction: Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are classified as upper respiratory tract infections (URIs) or lower respiratory tract infections (LRIs). The upper respiratory tract consists of the airways from the nostrils to the vocal cords in the larynx, including the paranasal sinuses and the middle ear. For the treatment of sinusitis and tonsillitis, the treatment done in Western Medicine constantly consists in antibiotics use. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the pathophysiology of these kind of infections are linked to invasion of external pathogenic factors (Wind, Cold, Heat, Dampness or Dryness). Purpose: To demonstrate that is possible to treat acute respiratory tract infections without using antibiotics. Methods: Two case reports. Two children that had constant tonsillitis and sinusitis, and have been in taking several antibiotics during years, but the treatment would only be effective until the withdrawn of the antibiotic drugs. They searched for treatment with TCM, and were oriented to withdrawn dairy products, replacing it by goat’s milk, and protect themselves of the external pathogenic factors, do not walk barefoot, sleep with the hair wet. They were also submitted to auricular acupuncture, apex ear bloodletting and homeopathy use. No antibiotics were required in any time of the treatment. Results: Both patients never had recurrence of the upper respiratory tract infections with these orientations. Conclusion: It is possible to treat chronic respiratory tract infection in children without the use of antibiotics, according to these two case reports. To achieve this aim, it is important to consider the whole environment in which the child is inserted including the external pathogenic factors influence, mainly Wind and Cold, associating them as one of the most important causes of the development of respiratory tract infections. It is also important to treat the energy imbalances of the patient to fortify the internal energies and avoid the recurrence of this and other pathologies on the future.