Effect of Covid-19 on student performance in secondary schoo | 61004

ஜர்னல் ஆஃப் மைக்ரோபயாலஜி மற்றும் இம்யூனாலஜி


Effect of Covid-19 on student performance in secondary school hargeisa Somaliland

Abdiqani Ismail Ibrahim

All students in high school are allowed to go home and spend much of their time in school. And the amount of hours of reading material or work may not be known to students at home. However through audiovisual interviews, attempted to interview some of the students. Taught that each student should learn to submit online or video recordings. However most of them may not have an Internet access to learn more about the subjects involved. In addition to all the students enrolled in boarding in as soon as it is decided to be feasible and secure, students who may still be on exchange should prepare to return home. For the latest and most appropriate information, consult the travel advice and recommendations provided by embassies or consular offices, international public health organizations such as the World Health Organization, and local health authorities.

This is something recommended to the student the plan should cover various types of crises, such as accidents, violence, natural disasters, political instability, and in this case, health emergencies and disease outbreaks such as COVID-19. According to Rotary’s safety guidelines:

In consultation with a local health department, a district's crisis management plan must be reviewed and/or created. Each district must have policies, such as travel restrictions and quarantine measures that may impact either inbound or outbound students, to track health and safety developments related to COVID19. A detailed coordination plan must be available for the host district to: Ensure successful contact between volunteers, students and parents, host families, and Rotary. Allow program leaders to quickly locate and communicate with all parties in the event of an emergency.