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ஆரம்ப சுகாதார பராமரிப்பு: திறந்த அணுகல்

ISSN - 2167-1079


Medical Laboratory Quality Management: Current Scenario and Challenges in Developing Nation

Jayagandan Jayamani1*, Ravish H2 and Srinivas. H3

Medical laboratory quality management though not newer concept to developing nation like India, presence of serious gap in its implementation and continued monitoring is an undeniable fact. There are multiple limiting factors in effective implementation of laboratory Quality Management System (QMS). The very first issue is the health budget allocation and inappropriate distribution of allocated funds. The Primary Health Centers (PHCs) though are considered as the backbone of health infrastructure of developing nations’ funds they receive for maintaining their associated medical laboratory services are disproportionate and highly inadequate. Other major challenges are existing level of training and awareness among the workforce deployed, lack of national and local lab Quality Control (QC) policies etc. This article focuses on few of major constraints which when worked upon swiftly would eventually lead to an equal uplifting of quality standards of medical laboratories catering health services in developing nations.