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Improving the appearance of facial scars by needling technology

H M Kadir

Background: Scar arrangement is a characteristic aspect of the healing process following a physical issue to body tissues. The two most regular kinds of scars are keloid and hypertrophic scars. These obsessive scars result from an irregular reaction to injury. They can be painful and itchy leading to a extensive practical and aesthetical incapacity. Post surgical scars require complex treatment and can be trying for specialists. Purpose: To assess the degree of general fulfillment of specialists and patients with respect to the aesthetical results following the use of the automated needling technology. Materials and Methods: The investigation assesses 18 scars from 10 patients: 6 males (13 scars) and 4 females (5 scars) age in the range of 18 and 36. The patients were dealt with utilizing the automated micro- needling technologyat three phases of recuperating with time frames days. Utilizing the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale V2.0 (POSAS), each scar has been assessed from the patients’ scale regarding torment, irritation, skin tone, hardness, thickness, shape and the condition of the unusual facial scar. Similar anomalous facial scars have been assessed by three unique onlookers as far as vascularity, pigmentation, thickness, alleviation, malleability, surface region and the general condition of the scars utilizing the POSAS specialist’s scale at four unmistakable stages. Results: The discoveries of the investigation uncover measurable contrasts at the importance level of 5% between every meeting. This shows a decrease in the scale estimations of the considered factors, except for pigmentation, agony and irritation, which just presentation slight changes. End: The robotized miniature needling innovation prompts a huge improvement in the qualities of the assessed scars.