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How well are general practitioners informed about chronic kidney disease ?)

Intissar Haddiya

Background: In most health systems, General Practitioners (GPs) are the frontline caregivers. They, thus, should have the appropriate knowledge to detect, manage and refer patients to the specialist at the right time. In the context of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), a major public health issue, they have an important role to play in the care process. The purpose of this paper was to evaluate their CKD-related knowledge. Methods: We have performed a Cross-sectional survey, performed in 2019, that included GPs practicing in Eastern Morocco, using a Googleform questionnaire, based on the KDIGO 2012 guidelines.

Results: Our respondents’ mean age was 42.4 years ± 11.26 years old. 59% of them were women. Mean seniority in general practice was 14.3 years ± 9.9 years. 64.47% worked in the public sector. 52.63% of GPs had insufficient CKD- related knowledge. Less than half of the physicians could select the correct definition of CKD and only 29.61% knew that it is classified into five stages. Other than diabetes and high blood pressure, other CKD risk factors were identified by 38.15% of GPs. In addition, only 39.4% of the participants knew about peritoneal dialysis. There was no statistically significant association between insufficient knowledge and the doctors’ age (p=0.08), gender (p=0.1), seniority (p=0.06) or sector of practice (p=0.4).

Conclusion: Our study concluded GPs’ lack of CKD-related knowledge. Continuing medical education of these frontline practitioners is mandatory to ameliorate patients management