Crestal lift and implant placement: Piezo-surgery and PRP ap | 55899

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Crestal lift and implant placement: Piezo-surgery and PRP approach

Srikanth Narkedamalli

Introduction: Insufficient bone volume is a common problem occurring during the rehabilitation of the edentulous posterior maxilla with implant supported prostheses. The bone available for implant placement may be limited by the presence of the maxillary sinus together with loss of alveolar bone height and it may be increased by augmentation. 

Case Description: This case report presents the rehabilitation of the right maxillary molar region using crestal lift followed by immediate placement by using Piezo�?�surgery. It helps in reducing the treatment time and increases the patient comfort. Recently, several clinical studies have been performed to evaluate the use of Platelet�?�rich Plasma (PRP) in maxillary sinus augmentation. 

Discussion: Aim of this case report is to evaluate surgical procedure of sinus lifting associated with PRP use and Piezo�?�surgical technique to elevate schneiderian membrane before implant positioning and intrasinusal bone augmentation procedures. 

Conclusion/Clinical Significance: Our conclusion is that piezo�?�surgery and platelet rich plasma can make sinus lift procedure safer with a slightly faster recovery time. However, it remains a good alternative (worldwide recognized by results) to other procedure only for skilled Practitioner if performed after scheduling a seriously therapeutic programme. Inclusion criteria, procedural steps and healing time must be strictly observed. Overall, results encourage us to follow chosen scheme for the future.